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Silverhost - International Hosting is a self-employed proprietorship. It deals with the research of alternative solutions and the examination of their applicability, through which it can provide services that have similar or better parameters compared to licensed solutions, so it can provide them to its customers at a significantly lower price.
The owner of Silverhost - International Hosting is László Madarász, a self-employed. For the owner, operating and operating Silverhost - International Hosting is a hobby, not a livelihood for him. In this way, he keeps his IT knowledge up to date, further develops his knowledge and expands his knowledge. The same is the owner's expectation for each member of the team (community) behind Silverhost - International Hosting.

Silverhost - International Hosting is a self-employed that offers web hosting and the creation of websites and web stores at unbeatable prices. The web stores and websites we create are based on a Joomla! content management system, so they cost much less to build and are consistently it comes with updates that include security and other feature fixes, free of charge or at a very low cost.

The company was founded in 2006 under the fancy name MALA Web Systems. He operated web servers where he provided a full range of web hosting services. It was then that he gained extensive experience in organizational management. In addition, he undertook the creation of websites and webshops, as a result of which he created dozens of systems, during which he became one of the founders of the Hungarian community of the Oscommerce open webshop system, prepared the official localization of the system and participated in its further development.

After that (for health reasons) the activity of the company was suspended, but in the meantime, thanks to further research, new solutions and opportunities were found, with which it was possible to provide quality but low-cost services.

Based on the experience gained in this way, the hosting service was restarted in 2020, now under the fancy name Silverhost - International Hosting.
The company is legal, registered in Hungary, Hungarian company. In case of using any service, an invoice will always be issued by the National Tax and Customs Board - NAV in accordance with Hungarian tax laws, which will be sent to the customer electronically by e-mail in digitally signed and certified PDF format.

When ordering, the server is created automatically. In-person appointments are available through Silverhost - International Hosting's dedicated online customer service, where staff are available during business hours.