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Action, adventure survivor games

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Action, adventure survivor games

Action, adventure and survivor game servers

Ark: Survival Evolved



memory: 6 GB to 16 GB (default: 6 GB)
storage: 30 GB to 70 GB (default: 60 GB)
CPU: 150% to 400% (default: 200% 100% = 1 core)
SQL 1 - 6 (default: 1)
bacukps 1 - 6 (default: 1)
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Web Console

Built-in console inside the interface.


Schedule when and how often your server will restart, when and what files to delete regularly, etc ...


Each server comes with a database with a phpMyAdmin interface.


Upload your server files securely, quickly.


The quick download link is automatically created by the server and set to the required directories and files required for games.

Easy to use

You can even start your game server through our client system.

Player Monitor

Player Monitor for compatible game servers (eg Minecraft, CSGO, CS1.6, etc.) that allows you to easily review the players on your server.

File manager, file editor

File manager with "drag and drop" file upload option. File Editor with customizable code highlighting for easy code editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What system do you use?

We use the prerodactyl system, it is characterized by a simple modern interface.

Where are the servers?

They are in Germany, with an average ping of 30-35.

Are DDOS protected servers?

The servers are protected by hardware or a software firewall configured by us.